CytoSorb Therapy – Enhance you Therapeutic Options in Systemic Hyperinflammation

Symposium Webcast

Update on blood purification – Why CytoSorb is the most promising approach in sepsis? 

Dr. Patrick Honoré, Brussels, Belgium

A short introduction into the concept of blood purification in sepsis and former approaches with other techniques, followed by a presentation of CytoSorb therapy and the latest publications

CytoSorb in liver failure – New chances to reduce hepatic encephalopathy

Dr. Andrea de Gasperi, Milan, Italy

A short introduction into various forms of liver failure together with the presentation of some experiences with CytoSorb in this field of application

CytoSorb and ECMO – Supporting life support

Prof. Dr. Karl Träger, Ulm, Germany

A presentation of the rationale behind using CytoSorb on ECMO patients as well as some clinical results of the combined use of ECMO and CytoSorb