CytoSorb stands out as the most researched and published hemoadsorption therapy

Dr Christian Steiner on a milestone:

Achieved: 1,000 entries in CytoSorb Literature Database

Dear CytoSorb users, clinicians, researchers, patients, colleagues, partners and friends,

When I started to introduce CytoSorb to ICU doctors and clinicians together with two other colleagues, we only had published bench top data and a few rodent studies to create some interest and awareness for this novel blood purification technology – CytoSorb. Occasionally I was told that ‘We are not treating rats in our ICU, so these studies are not relevant’.

Luckily, we were able to connect with and convince the right people to start our scientific journey to unveil the potential of this new therapeutic approach and to build a body of knowledge and evidence, step by step. These early users, visionaries and enthusiasts were brave and real pioneers. They went their way against all resistance and doubts of colleagues, supervisors and critics. More and more researchers and scientists joined them over the years and contributed to the rising number of scientific publications and reports in different application fields and on several topics. At one point it was necessary to get this knowledge and these publications into a structured framwork, and make them easily accessible: so we built the CytoSorb Literature Database.

Today marks a significant milestone in this journey: the CytoSorb Literature Database has just surpassed 1,000 entries – One thousand peer reviewed publications, poster presentations from national and international conferences and case reports from many different hospitals worldwide. As such, CytoSorb stands as the most researched and published hemoadsorption therapy of its kind.

We know and absolutely agree that even more knowledge and evidence is needed to make CytoSorb an accepted therapeutic option in all of these possible application areas. However, it’s the highest number of publications in the field – more than all competitive approaches have, put together.

So, what does it mean to have these 1,000 publications? It means a relentless push for more knowledge and a commitment to investing in research and clinical evidence. It means a focus on continuous improvement, on “getting better” in every sense of the word.

But above all, it means that we are here with and for you. Yes, we are experts in hemoperfusion, but more importantly, we are your trusted partner. So, let’s celebrate this milestone, not just as a mark of our achievements, but as a symbol of our purpose – our mission to working to save lives together.

With gratitude and determination,

Dr. Christian Steiner

EVP Sales & Marketing, CytoSorbents Corp., USA, and Managing Director CytoSorbents Europe

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About the Author

Dr. Christian Steiner holds a doctorate in medicine from the University of Rostock and has been active in the field of blood purification for more than 25 years.
He played a leading role in the introduction of innovative and pioneering therapeutic novelties, such us e.g., MARS™ liver dialysis, which at that time was a completely new blood purification technology for liver disease. From his own experience, he knows the importance of the practical product aspects as well as research, knowledge transfer and scientific exchange.
Since he joined CytoSorbents in 2011, the focus has always been on developing the therapy and its introduction by investing in research and progressively building a body of knowledge and evidence, to help provide confidence and trust