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08 Mar 2023 - 15 Nov 2023

Webinar Series 2023

We are delighted to share with you our 2023 webinar program. We invite you to participate in our free events, where we will engage in interactive scientific discussions, exploring the latest evidence around hemoadsorption therapy and CytoSorb.

All webinars start at 5pm CET/CEST

To register via zoom for our free webinars just click on the topics.

More information will come soon.

Webinars in 2023

April 12th
The role of CytoSorb® in severe Rhabdomyolysis –New findings and data
Prof. Steffen Mitzner, Rostock, Germany

April 19th
CytoSorb® use in LVAD patients –What are the benefits?
Prof. Matthias Thielmann, Essen, Germany

May 3rd
CytoSorb® Therapy in critically ill patients – Let’s talk about safety,selectivity and pathophysiology
Prof. Can Ince, Rotterdam/The Netherlands
Dr. Axel Nierhaus, Hamburg/Germany

May 10th
General Update on CytoSorb® in Liver dysfunction
Dr. Maria Taborda-Küpper, Berlin/Germany

May 24th
Update on CytoSorb® in Infective Endocarditis and other cardiovascular indications
Prof. Daniel Wendt, Essen/German

21st June
Why is it beneficial to use CytoSorb® during Heart Transplantation? – Results of a recent RCT
Assoc. Prof. Endre Nemeth, Budapest, Hungary

28th June
General Update on CytoSorb® in critically ill patients
Dr. Volker Humbert, Berlin, Germany

Sep 6th
Anticoagulation during liver support therapy – Easy or challenging?
Dr. Ivano Riva, Bergamo/Italy

Sep 13th
Treatment of septic shock patients: focus on individualized therapy, timing and dosing
Prof. Jean-Louis Vincent, Brussels/Belgium
Prof. Zsolt Molnar, Budapest/Hungary

Sep 20th
PROS and CONS of antithrombotics in cardiac patients and the special role of CytoSorb®
Prof. Rob Storey, Sheffield/UK

Oct 18th
The role of CytoSorb® Therapy before, during and after lung and heart transplantation
Prof. Sandra Lindstedt, Lund/Sweden

Nov 1st
General Update on CytoSorb® in Liver dysfunction
Dr. Marijana Matejic-Spasic, Belgrade/Serbia

Nov 8th
General Update on CytoSorb® in critically ill patients
Dr. Volker Humbert, Berlin/Germany

Nov 15th
General Update on CytoSorb® in Rhabdomyolysis
Dr. Maria Taborda-Küpper, Berlin/Germany