Fields of application

CytoSorb therapy is indicated for the treatment of medical conditions where cytokines are excessively elevated. Hypercytokinemia is found in a variety of clinical situations and can drive systemic inflammation – a common final pathway in many acute critical illnesses. An excessive systemic immune response in any of these syndromes may result in shock, multiple organ failure and death.

CytoSorb is being used frequently in two major areas:

  • Septic shock and severe sepsis
  • Severe SIRS in cardiac surgery patients

CytoSorb has also been used successfully in many other hyper-inflammatory conditions. Case reports on first clinical applications in some of these fields have been published or presented. These include:

  • Polytrauma and rhabdomyolysis
  • Serious burn injury
  • Severe acute pancreatitis
  • Various types of liver failure
  • Severe cardiogenic shock
  • Complications of cardiac surgery
  • Use with ECMO
  • Others


The therapy is not intended to be used as a measure of last resort and is meant to be used with the appropriate standard of care therapy for the disease.