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CytoScore in septic shock

Decision support for initiating
CytoSorb Therapy

The CytoScore

This dynamic score is intended to provide support in the decision to initiate CytoSorb therapy in refractory septic/vasoplegic shock.

For this purpose, various categories that are meaningful for the hemodynamic condition of the patient are rated with 0, 1 or 2 points in order to arrive at a total score.


Final prospective validation of the score is still pending, however first retrospective evaluation* of the score observed
outcome benefits, when CytoSorb Therapy was initiated in septic shock patients with the following criteria:

  • Indication for CRRT due to AKI
  • CytoScore at hour 6 of > 6 points
  • Initiation of CytoSorb Therapy < 12 hrs. after diagnosis of septic shock/start of standard therapy

First Evaluation of a New Dynamic Scoring System Intended to Support Prescription of Adjuvant CytoSorb Hemoadsorption Therapy in Patients with Septic Shock

Kogelmann K, Hubner T, Schwameis F, Druner M, Scheller M, Jarczak D. J Clin Med 2021; 10(13); 2939

*     Norepinephrine
**    Mean Arterial Pressure
***   Kilogram Body Weight