Technical data

In this table you will find the most important technical data (specifications) for the CytoSorb 300 adsorber.
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CE Certified / notified body / QM-System
CE 0344 – DEKRA / ISO 13485 :
Intended use:
CytoSorb is indicated for use in conditions where elevated levels of cytokines and/or bilirubin and/or
myoglobin exist.
CytoSorb is indicated for use intraoperatively during cardio-pulmonary bypass surgery for the
removal of P2Y12-Inhibitor Ticagrelor and/or Factor Xa-Inhibitor Rivaroxaban.
CytoSorb may be used with extracorporeal blood circuit, such as intermittent hemodialysis,
continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) and
extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)
Adsorber blood volume:
150 ml
Blood flow rates min-max:
Recommended blood flow rates:
100 – 700 ml/min
150 – 700 ml/min
Max. treatment duration:
24 hours
Further details:
Latex- and PHT free product
Sterilization / shelf life / storage conditions:
Gamma sterilization / 3 years / 1°C to 40°C
Maximum pressure limit:
760 mmHg
Flow resistance (Hkt 23 +/- 3% @ 37+/- 1°C):
Qb <= 700 ml/min 140 mmHg
Qb <= 500 ml/min 090 mmHg
Qb <= 200 ml/min 030 mmHg
GMDN Code:
45,000 square meters
Proprietary and patented cross-linked divinylbenzene polymer, exclusively produced
by CytoSorbents in the USA
Adsorption Spectrum:
Small and mid size hydrophobic molecules up to a size of approximately 60kDa
Biocompatibility tested as required in ISO10993
Mode of operation covered by IFU:
Many extracorporeal blood circuit (Hemoperfusion (HP), Intermittent hemodialysis (HD),
continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB),
extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO/ECLS)
Priming fluid, procedure and duration:
Flushing with 2 liters of sterile isotonic saline (NaCL 0,9%) / Priming takes approximately
5 minutes. CytoSorb contains pre-loaded physiological saline with a pH level of 6.8 pre-flush.
CytoSorb does not require priming/coating with heparin
Therapy duration:
CytoSorb can be used up to 24hrs. Consider changing CytoSorb after 12hr for the first 24hrs
when indicated, in cases of hemodynamic instability, high bilirubin, no further substance removal.
Possible with heparin or citrate