The CytoSorb-Registry

Patient enrolment in the International CytoSorb Registry began in May 2015. This independent, multi-national real-world registry was conducted by the Center for Clinical Studies, University of Jena, Germany, under the leadership of the internationally renowned sepsis researcher Professor Frank Brunkhorst and systematically examined the clinical effects and the safety of CytoSorb therapy under “real-world” routine clinical conditions.

CytoSorbents was thus the first medical technology company to support the market introduction of a new, device-based therapy with a Registry at such a high level by an independent scientific institution. The Registry enabled the systematic review of the clinical effects and the safety of CytoSorb and thus contributed significantly to the expansion of knowledge about CytoSorb therapy.

Patient recruitment was terminated in November 2020, but data remained available for ongoing and future analysis and publication, even after closure of the Registry. The subset analysis of liver patients was published in 2021*, with the general analysis of the whole cohort also recently published**.  

The COSMOS (CytOSorb TreatMent OF Critically Ill PatientS Registry was opened in mid 2022 and is a company sponsored Registry designed to provide an infrastructure for the ongoingsurveillance of CytoSorb use in real-world critical care settings, and to serve as an objective, comprehensive, and scientifically-based resource to measure and improve the quality of patient care. Recruitment is ongoing. 

*Oscay et al., Hemoadsorption in ‘Liver indication’ – Analysis of 109 Patients’ Data from the CytoSorb International Registry. J Clin Med 2021; 10(21):5182
**Hawchar et al., Hemoadsorption in the critically ill-Final results of the International CytoSorb Registry. PLoS One 2022; 17(10):e0274315