The Studies

The introduction of new extracorporeal therapies in the field of critically ill patients requires the highest level of medical and scientific effort to provide both evidence of safety and efficacy, but also comprehensive knowledge of any additional effects, e.g. interactions with established therapies, within an as short as possible time frame. Evidence of safety, efficacy, clinical outcome benefits and knowledge of additional effects are the basis for rapid acceptance, future recommendations as standard therapy and for reimbursement of therapy costs in the various health systems.

At CytoSorbents, we are continually working to build and expand the knowledge and clinical evidence surrounding CytoSorb therapy*, and to ensure that we make it available as broadly as possible to our clinical application partners.

In addition to sponsoring various multicenter study projects in Europe and the USA, we also work closely with renowned international study partners on a large number of multi- and monocentric investigator-initiated study projects in order to investigate modalities to use CytoSorb therapy even more effectively and efficiently in the future. In addition, a large scientific registry created according to actual scientific guidelines for registry’s, will systematically provide important insights into the safety and efficacy of the CytoSorb therapy in clinical routine.

This fast and efficient development of the therapy requires the highest level of medical competence, quality and safety in order to avoid the mistakes made in the introduction of other or similar therapies in recent decades. For this reason, CytoSorbents has already employed 9 physicians with extensive expertise and wide clinical experience in the fields of anesthesia / critical care, thoracic and cardiac surgery, internal medicine, extracorporeal circulation and liver diseases.

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