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Dr. Christian Steiner,
Managing Director CytoSorbents Europe

I welcome you to our official CytoSorbents Blog “Let’s talk…”and I want to personally invite you to discuss and exchange opinions via this platform.

CytoSorbents’ adsorption technology represents a new category of blood purification. Because these new tools have to be used adequately to help patients in different situations, there is a need for continuous development and knowledge generation. Discussions, explanations, brainstorming and interaction in general can catalyze and accelerate this process. We will come up with interesting topics, new – also controversial – publications, hypotheses, and food for thoughts to inspire and stimulate dialogue.
So, I want to invite all users of our products, interested health care professionals, researchers, thinkers, supporters, and especially critics to actively discuss and share your opinion on relevant topics to progress with the development of patient-centric precision therapy schemes.

I thank you in anticipation.

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