6th International CytoSorb Users` Meeting


JL Vincent, Brussels, Belgium


C Steiner, Berlin, Germany

Opening Lecture: Past, present and future of CytoSorb

C Ronco, Vicenza, Italy

From experiments to evidence

Hemoadsorption modulates pulmonary metabolism and …

I Iskender, Zurich, Switzerland

Safety aspects and drug removal

A Schneider, Lausanne, Switzerland

The International CytoSorb Registry – Latest update

F Brunkhorst, Jena, Germany

Shock Reserval

My clinical experiences after 100 patients

Y Mehta, Delhi, India

CytoSorb in cardiac arrest

D Dürschmied, Freiburg, Germany

CytoScore helps me to find the right starting point

K Kogelmann, Emden, Germany

What do we know and what do we have to do? CytoSorb in various fields of application

Liver failure

D Tomescu, Bucharest, Romania


J Duranteau, Paris, France


F Pappalardo, Milan, Italy


A Rybalko, Moscow, Russia

Necrotizing fasciitis

D Payen, Paris, France 

My very special CytoSorb case

A Nierhaus, Hamburg, Germany

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