Scientific partners

University hospital Jena

The Center for Clinical Studies at the University Hospital Jena (ZKS) provides advice and assistance in the concept, planning, implementation, evaluation and reporting of clinical studies. The focus of the work of ZKS, led by the internationally renowned researcher Prof. Dr. Frank Brunkhorst, is on mono- and multicenter study types such as e.g. register studies. The International CytoSorb registry is managed by the ZKS.

Fraunhofer Institute, working group ”Extracorporeal Immunomodulation”

The focus of the group “Extracorporeal Immunomodulation” of the Fraunhofer Institute is on the development and evaluation of organ-support technologies outside the body (extracorporeal) with special emphasis on supporting the immune system. The group offers the full range of preclinical and clinical analyzes of extracorporeal technologies. Therapeutic and side effects of the CytoSorb therapy are investigated here and will complete the necessary knowledge for the rule-consistent application of the therapy.

Center for Sepsis Control and Care, Universität Jena, CSCC

The most important and long-term goals of the CSCC are to avoid or to reduce sepsis diseases and hospital-acquired infections, to reduce mortality, to improve the quality of life of survivors and to minimize direct and indirect treatment costs.  CSCC and CytoSorbents work together in various projects to generate evidence for the medical effectiveness of the CytoSorb therapy to show the economic benefits of the use and also to investigate the mechanisms of action.

Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Together with the University of Pennsylvania Vet School Cytosorbents investigates a new approach regarding the immunotherapy of cancer. The research project focuses on the so-called cachexia, a progressive wasting syndrome associated with cancer, which is characterized by loss of appetite, rapid weight loss and physical decay. Cachexia is a cytokine driven disease that weakens the immune system in the fight against cancer.

International Sepsis Forum

The International Sepsis Forum (ISF) is an international collaboration to reduce the global burden of sepsis, led by prominent scientists from around the world.

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